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In this episode, Allison gives Brie a brief history of one of the most famous con-men of all time - Count Victor Lustig. Learn about his Rumanian Box and other classic cons.

Crazy Eddie Antar

Special guest Steve Ormosi regales us with the shenanigans of "Crazy" Eddie Antar and his chain of electronic stores. Steevo is part of The Lost Signals, a super swell podcast that...

The conclusion of Brie's alien autopsy story. We learn about the mysterious video that aired on Fox in the 90s and the people behind it.

In part 1 of 2, Brie gives Allison some background on the supposed alien crash in Roswell in order to prepare us for the autopsy hoax that would surface in the 90s.

Charles Ponzi Part 2

Ponzi: The Conclusion! Allison finally gets to the goods and tells Brie all about Ponzi's infamous scheme and the fallout from it.

Charles Ponzi Part 1

Allison tells Brie about the early life and times of Charles Ponzi. Yes, that Ponzi.

Miracle Mineral Solution

Brie tells Allison all about Miracle Mineral Solution, a bleach-based cure-all

Cassie Chadwick Part 2

The conclusion to our Cassie Chadwick story, including her most infamous grifts

Cassie Chadwick Part 1

Our hosts get comfortable and discuss Cassie Chadwick, Cleveland's most well-known grifter.

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